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Hi everyone, welcome to the Moonshine light of om mantra!

This blog was made and written by me since I’ve decided to share some thoughts and some inspirations that I’ve found in life.

Collage property of Felipe Posada / The Invisible Realm

Felipe Posada / The Invisible Realm

When I’ve started the journey to get myself back and to understand the things that I  was feeling, lately I’ve been advised to write about that things and I found that it was actually good and healthy to me and I wanted to keep writing.

I wanted to write about the feeling of a human being, the process to keep your mind calm and quiet, the beauty behind the madness and how can we create things, and here we are!

I also added some topics that I love in life (and I live in love with ) and some things I like to share and to know.

I hope I can give u great contents and you all get the best of this blog! You can always leave a comment and make contact! I really want you to enjoy this as an increase of knowledge and good vibrations.

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Email me with suggestions to moonshineom@gmail.com and keep in touch with new posts and updates. Spread the love peacemakers!

With love, Shiva. Omm